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Ossanie Barnaby started as a Cosyseal employee 10 years ago. He was employed at first as an apprentice in the warehouse. 10 years on, he is one of Cosyseal’s most senior engineers. We asked him some questions on his decade at Cosyseal.

How has your progression been at Cosyseal?

Its been great. I started in the warehouse as an apprentice, I seem remember knowing nothing. Most of my time was spent cleaning the yard or stocking the windows, then as I carried on working and leaning, I climbed the ladder, I got more responsibility. I am glad I worked up my way to where I am now and I am so proud of my achievements.

How did you progress to a senior engineer?

I was taught hands-on from the senior engineers at the time. Once I had been promoted from the warehouse, I would assist the engineers on their jobs. From there, you observe and learn until you are able to do the job independently. Having first worked in the warehouse and alongside the Customer Service team, they taught me how to operate the handheld PDA’s that goes alongside an engineers’ technical window skills. I understand why I started there, I had to learn something new words first in order to describe problems – such as copagnolette, cornerdrives and scissorstays.

What do you like most about working for Cosyseal?

The company has been good to me. Since I joined as an apprentice, I liked that there was a clear promotional path and that once I got the hang of the language and terminology, I was able to climb the ranks through training and having a positive attitude.

What do you see as the next step?

I have been thinking of doing surveying training to get my FENSA certification. I see it as the next logical step from where I am now and it is something I aspired to do since I started working for Cosyseal.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to join the Cosyseal Apprenticeship scheme?

I’d say go for it! As long as you work hard and are willing to absorb information Cosyseal can help you can make a very successful career out of the Apprenticeship.

We thank Ossanie for his continued hard work and appreciate his role in the Cosyseal team.

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